2.0 Litre Petrol Turbo to tow Careel 18??

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2.0 Litre Petrol Turbo to tow Careel 18??

Postby Luka » Sun May 20, 2018 9:45 pm

My faithful Territory is getting on it's last legs and I'm looking at replacements, something that tows 2 tonne for extra comfort.
Today I came across the Holden Equinox.
Nice look and great features but what surprised me was the 2 tonne tow capacity on a 2.0 litre Petrol Turbo engine.
I figured it must be a high revving engine to do that but when I checked the performance stats it was
Power 188kW @ 5500 Revs and Torque 353Nm at 2500-4500.
These are lower Rev's than comparable cars I looked at such as Sorento and Santa Fe.
I've never seen torque given for a range (2500-4500) before either so I'll need to look into what that means.

Any thoughts on a turbo doing the job?
Any idea of how much a turbo boosts the "capacity" of an engine, ie does it add 50% so a 2.0 becomes equivalent to a 3.0?
This turbo 2 litre seems to be giving similar power and particularly torque performance to 3.5 litre sixes.

Sorento 206kW@6300 336Nm@5000 3.5 petrol
Santa Fe 199kW@6400 318Nm@5300 3.3 petrol
Jeep Laredo 213kW@6400 347Nm@4000 3.6 petrol
Equinox 188kW@5500 353Nm@2500-4500 2.0 petrol turbo
Territory 190kW@5250 383Nm@2500 4.0 Petrol
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Re: 2.0 Litre Petrol Turbo to tow Careel 18??

Postby paul trotter » Mon May 21, 2018 8:36 pm

Luka,Mazda cx5 turbo deisel?

No idea how they tow......
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Re: 2.0 Litre Petrol Turbo to tow Careel 18??

Postby maxm » Tue May 22, 2018 12:07 am


I could recommend the Mitsubishi Challenger - tows a C22 so should handle a C18 no worries. But they don't make them any more!
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Re: 2.0 Litre Petrol Turbo to tow Careel 18??

Postby smiffy » Thu May 24, 2018 8:47 pm

The Mitsubishi challenger was replaced by the Pajero Sport. Esentially a similar layout to the Challenger but better equiped and modernized. Better than alot of 4wd's in that it has a center diff which allows constant 4wd on hard surfaces. Being primarilly rear wheel drive, it is better for towing than a lot of suvs most of which are primarilly front wheel drive with rear wheel assist providing you buy the all wheel drive version. Went through this process recently and ended up buying a rwd petrol Territory SZ2. Theres still a few low klm examples around. Wanted rwd as I do a bit of towing.....boats campers etc. Territories built after March 2015 usually have all the bells and whistles including gps bluetooth etc. Thought about the Challenger but comfort and the fact I had not put my old patrol in 4wd for about 2 years won out!!
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