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Postby don47 » Tue Jul 11, 2017 4:49 pm

From the moment I bought my first 18 I was informed that a C18 has to in NSW at least carry Boat Registration.
I'm not familiar with the rule/s in other States. Perhaps another State member might comment & qualify their position.
I've been aware of conjecture in the past by even some of our accomplished sailors concerning whether or not a C18 requires Boat Registration.
Fact is in NSW that it certainly does require because quite simply it's hull length is greater than the minimum allowable.
Many 18's have motors that will satisfy or be under the HP allowance but that does not matter, the hull is already just over the allowed.
The basic rule/s in NSW state that if a boat is over 5.5 mts in length and/or utilises a motor over 5.3 HP it must carry Registration.

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