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Bombah Point Pontoon

Postby No Way » Sun Dec 11, 2016 9:51 pm

The pontoon marina at Bombah Point (Myall Shores, Legges Camp) used primarily as a sewerage pump out facility has been demolished.
The pontoon has been in poor condition for some time and despite repeated requests by the Myall Lakes Acquatic Club to the RMS (Waterways) for repair works it was eventually deemed unsafe and dismantled. MLAC members had been doing temporary repairs off their own bat. As usual RMS "hasn't got any money" despite promoting their $73M to spend on boating facilities like a canoe ramp at Nerong. Apparently enough pressure was brought to bear and money was found for the pontoon reconstruction which is supposedly happening.
Currently its just the existing piles and the aluminium gangway to nowhere. No timetable for reinstatement of pump-out facility but Mac and Linda on the "poo barge" Independence are still operating and having to have shore-side truck pump-out. If you wish to go ashore for supplies at the resort you will need to either beach at the sand on The Broadwater side of Legges, or beach on the northern side or the channel and passenger across on the ferry. No doubt NPWS have been a total hindrance. One would think that NRMA as resort owners would be keen to get their waterborne custom back asap.

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