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Clarence Cruise Update

Postby paul trotter » Sat Oct 01, 2016 8:29 pm

Fellow Careelers it looks like we have a fleet of sic vessels include a Sonata and Careel 22 plus for 18s including Nellie, Y-Knot, About Time Too and Chiquito.

I have spoken with Margy from the CRYC and I have the code for the gate.

We hope to leave Sandgate around 8am and should be in Grafton about noon. The ramp is to the north of town at Kirchner Street. Head downstream to the ramp near the scout hall.

After the speed boats finish we head to Brushgrove for the grand final evening. Pack a meal for a fire and stay in the beach at Lawrence day 2.

CU all there and safe travels.
Paul Trotter
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