Save our Myall Lakes "Poo Barge"!

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Save our Myall Lakes "Poo Barge"!

Postby Lindsey » Mon Jan 09, 2012 7:04 pm

Careelers, We found out at the New Year that Bede & Jacqui Bright, who run MV Independance, our Myall Lakes "Poo Barge" are having to retire due to Bede's ill health. They have found someone else to take over their business but surprise surprise "complications in their dealings with NSW Maritime" are delaying this.
To quote from a flyer they handed out over New Year:
"We feel that the service we provide is an essential service on the Myall Lakes, ensuring both protection of the environment and allowing the public to fully enjoy the beauty of this vast water system. We have some concern that the future of this mobile pump out service is in jeopardy. If you support the continued service of the Myall lakes by the "Independance" we would greatly appreciate you contacting NSW Maritime 02 4984 2133 to voice your support, also Hon. minister Duncan Gay- and Craig Baumann MP - "
Come on Careelers, help save our "Poo Barge" and the environment!

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