Horizon Shores, our new location

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Horizon Shores, our new location

Postby Cooper » Fri Oct 21, 2011 8:31 pm

Decided that as we seem to sail out of there all the time and therefore cut out the towing, setting up time etc, and for sheer convenience that we would put it in the compound there for a year and see if it enables us to use it more. :wink: We can now wake up and say. yes, a sail today, and be on the water in an hour rather than a 90 minute drive via the highway, nearly an hour to rig, and then join the highway traffic to go home. For the sake of $2200 we can have the convenience of ringing up and the careel is ready for us, in the water and moored to a berth. Happy days. :wink: More sailing cannot be measured by money spent, merely pleasure gained. :lol:

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