Spotted a C18 called MIMI

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Spotted a C18 called MIMI

Postby Top Note » Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:37 pm

Hi all,

Looks like some was braving the cold at Keepit Kool Regatta (between Tamworth & Gunnedah) and spotted it at Willow Tree Pub on Monday 13th and then later south of Muswellbrook NSW . All i seen was the name MIMI on transom with Deco or landy in front ..... Didnt know them but gave a wave from the open top waterless sports boat (MX5 Roof down) going down the highway........ I think there was a few Careels & TYs up at KK regatta .

Maybe some knows this boat .....

Boatless , but never know when i may return to TYs , loved my Top Note
Paradise of Lake Macquarie NSW

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