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Postby maxm » Thu Jun 09, 2011 1:47 am


Over the coming weeks (OK, maybe months) we are planning to introduce NEW areas to this site which will only be visible to current CCYA members. The intention is to enable members to communicate and exchange information that shouldn't be available to non-members or anonymous lurkers. In these areas we may post information about things such as meeting places and times, photos that people don't want out on the general web, old newsletters, or anything else that may not be appropriate for general viewing. We do not propose to remove existing forums or to restrict access to them any more than is currently the case. We do see this as a value-added benefit of joining the Association. A little extra benefit that only paid-up members get.

So if you are a current CCYA member and also registered on this website, please feel free to drop a line to stating your registered name on this site, as well as your real name. These will enable us to give you access to these new areas. If you are a current CCYA member but haven't yet registered on this website then you need to first register. If you're registered on the website but not a CCYA member... well... what can I say? :wink:

You guys who are moderators need not worry. I've already got you on the list.
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