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Postby Mick and Janine » Mon Oct 25, 2010 5:39 am

Hi all,
Just to interupt you two chaps for a sec and get back to the point at hand :lol: I'm very biased about this but Teralba is a would be a great weekend for those who come along. After launching the boats at Marmong cove, deep and sheltered ramp, you can drive your cars and trailers around to Teralba Sailing club where you can have them handy overnight. The club facililities are spot on, showers and loos etc. and the foreshore is good to back up to...and no tides to worry about!.It's sheltered from most wind directions and even if you chose not to race there's plenty to look at during the two days at the regatta...and lots of nice people too. Feel free to contact either Dave or us here for any additional info. Tootles, Mick.
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