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Platypus - Radios & batteries questions

Postby Platypus » Fri May 22, 2020 8:36 pm

Hi all,
Last year we did a stack of work on our c18 ‘platypus’ keel pin, heaps of fibreglass repairs, full res pray, new rigging - and amazingly it now doesn’t leak... a big thanks to Warwick for answering my silly questions along the way...
So I’m now thinking of doing some short day sails in the ocean (on the right day of course). However for that I need to get abit more serious...
The electrics so far consist of solar pannel, voltage regulator, and basic electrics (LED nav lights, internal lights, USB charger for telephones etc). I’m now wanting to add a VHF marine radio, and an electric bilge pump (I already have a manual one), and maybe a fresh water pump.

Does anyone have any suggestions re the size of the battery, and whether it would be best to be a standard deep cycle lead acid battery (where it can be topped up but may produce hydrogen on charging), or an AGM type or gell cell?

The size suggested to me is 12v 50Ah, does that sound reasonable?

I was thinking of putting the battery in the bow, as this would redistribute some of the weight, does it need to be in a box? How would you secure it?

Re the radio antenna, a 1.2m whip, where do people mount them? Obviously the higher the antenna the better the range. I was going to attach it to the push pit, but would the push pit, boom, mast affect the reception?

I’m abit cautious about mounting it to the top of the mast, as it would be hard to run the coax down the inside of the mast, and then having to mess around with the mast going up and down... possibly too much effort.

Anyway if you can give me some advice it would be much appreciated!


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