A Potted Careel History

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A Potted Careel History

Postby maxm » Tue Aug 23, 2005 6:04 pm

The following is extracted from a post on Yahoo from Phil Cox (former CCYA Commodore) from information he gleaned from Bruce Tinsdale (CCYA Historian and Keeper of the Boat Register, retd)


MARK I 18/01 Built July, 1970.

1st change, fit a heavier keel (3/4" plate steel) from 18/150, June, 1974. This was still designated as MARK I.

MARK II with 2" higher freeboard from 18/415, June, 1981 a yet heavier keel from 18/418 no specific date

MARK III, Same hull as MK II but a new deck and cabin moulding allowing approx 4" more headroom over MK II. First was 18/443, August, 1984;

MARK III Continental 18/457 June, 1988. Also first with heavy (heavier than Mk II?) cast iron keel

MARK III Continental 18/460 - First with Hydraulic keel raising system - lovely! June, 1989

Latest boat (number 482) completed in 2005, two more may be under construction during 2006.


22/01 built 1974. This is commonly known as the "Short Cabin" or 22S version.
22/41 built 1977. Changed to make cabin longer (known as the "Long Cabin" or 22L version). 22/43 was a 22S otherwise all 22s after this were the long cabin version.

Boats 22/2 22/22 22/30 and 22/51 were fixed keel variants otherwise all boats were swing keelers.

126 built.
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Postby watermarkhome » Fri Aug 26, 2005 10:35 pm

I be knowin' Pipi C22/47 bein' a long cabin with short mast and I be knowin' C22/43 an' she be a short cabin. I be figgerin' the change be happenin' betwixt.....

When is tork loik a poirut week comin' up anyways (oi be missin 't)

...though Mark C reckons it be more Huck Finn than anythin' else...picky those perfessunal writer types....
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Postby careeled » Sat Aug 27, 2005 7:22 am

watermarkhome wrote:When is tork loik a poirut week comin' up anyways (oi be missin 't)
September 19, of course. Don't you know anything?

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