Brand New C22 Mainsail

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Brand New C22 Mainsail

Postby Jess » Sat Jun 22, 2019 3:29 pm

Disclaimer: I am a sailmaker and have my own loft, I seeked approval from admin before posting

I have a brand new C22 mainsail for sale

It was built for a local boat which was thought to be a standard boat. It had been changed to have a C18 boom so rather than modify the sail to fit we built another custom mainsail.

It is made of Contender Dacron 6.5oz, Cross-cut construction, 1 full length and 3 leech battens, class logo. Sail numbers can be added to suit.

New this sail would be $1700 but we would be happy to get $1000 for it

Location: Brisbane

Feel free to call if you are interested or have any more questions

Jess 0421 042 352

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