WANTED TO BUY: Careel 18

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WANTED TO BUY: Careel 18

Postby bm49 » Thu Nov 28, 2019 7:37 am

Anyone got a CAREEL 18 in top condition for sale, preferably in NSW but will travel for a good one. Boat, sails, trailer & outboard must be in VGC and well maintained.
Email me with details including model and full equipment list: bill.kinnane@netspeed.com.au
Cheers - Bill

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Re: WANTED TO BUY: Careel 18

Postby maxm » Thu Nov 28, 2019 2:06 pm


Give Don a call. I think he still has 2 C18s for sale. I haven't seen "Aja" but "Storm" is a lovely boat and I know Don does wonders refurbishing the boats he's had. Have a look through the following thread for more info and contact details:

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Re: WANTED TO BUY: Careel 18

Postby don47 » Fri Nov 29, 2019 4:11 pm

Thanks Max for the mention & steering Bill towards my/our (don't want to get into trouble off Robyn) C18's. I spoke with him last night & he's looking for something good & decent alright but, something to cruise with only.
Yes, I can confirm that we have both Storm Mk3 & Monsoon Mk1 here but, neither are for sale at present (unless someone wants to pay overs for one of them). Both are fitted out to perform in racing &/or utilise comfortably as a cruiser.
We had decided to campaign Monsoon this coming season in all the major race events & participate in some cruises then probably sell her with hopefully some trophies &/or ribbons to her name. We won't however, make it to this w/ends Qld States as only quite recently Robyn lost her Dad & emotionally at present it would be wrong for me to leave her perhaps behind & head off to defend a title albeit in a different boat & not the Mk3.
Originally, we were going to call her Aja however, the day came for organising decals & well the name Monsoon won out. She's been fitted out very similarly to Storm which has proven itself very well indeed as a terrific 'allrounder'.
Anyway, if anyone has a good decent probably Mk2-3 for sale or soon to be & that is well set up just for cruising purposes, then contact Bill.

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