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Postby Nanango » Sat Mar 09, 2019 9:29 am

Hi all,
Just joined and from what I can see it looks like a great site.
OK, now for the details.
No boat yet. I love sailing but am getting on in years but still reasonably active. I have great memories of when my wife and I were first married we hired a careel 16 on Lake Macquarie and loved it. I first started sailing in a VJ, then raced 16ft skiffs down at middle harbor. Had a Hood then built a Top Hat, as well as racing in the 1/2 ton category from RPAYC, but then moved up the coast and sold the Top Hat as my wife did not like sailing offshore, I loved it, and started sailboarding.
Moved again and we are now inland (approx 200 Km NW of Brisbane). Somerset and Wivenhoe will be my local playgrounds as the other dams close to me are almost empty. I have had a couple of fishing boats, but the tinny hopefully will be sold today, leaving the way open for a TS.
#1 problem - My wife is not a great lover of boats, so it needs to be easy to single handle.
#2 problem - Main use will be cruising and taking the grand kids out introducing them to the joys of sailing, plus fishing
#3 problem - We have an old truck / motor home that will tow the TS when we travel, but only have a Holden Cruze (max towing 1200Kg) so weight is a concern. I was thinking of a Hartley TS16 (for weight) but would probably prefer a C18. From what I can see, the MK1 would probably be the best fit with the lower weight.
#4 problem - I love kites so would want to be able to put one up from time to time, and I have heard of toe hooks. Does anyone use trapezes on Careels?
#5 problem - How difficult is it to raise and lower the stick? and launch single handed?

Look forward to any comments replies, and I will start looking around for boats for sale keeping in mind that I have a limited budget.
Oh yes, are there any particular things that you should look for when buying a used C18?

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