New and novice Careel 22ers needing help

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New and novice Careel 22ers needing help

Postby Abeltje » Thu Dec 14, 2017 9:42 am

Hi all,

We recently bought a second hand Careel 22. We're relatively new to sailing - we've been crewing at RPAYC for the last 2 years and have done a couple of sailing courses - and we want to get better so decided to get our own boat. So far we've been able to get in on the water and moored (in Salt Pan Cove, Pittwater), and we can motor around. We have the mast up and the keel down, but where we come unstuck is our knowledge of the rigging.

We're wondering whether any Careel 22 enthousiasts on this forum would have the time to come out and give us a lesson on the rigging in exchange for some fine sailing on Pittwater and beers?

By the way, we've named our boat Abeltje (in the lift), after a 1953 Dutch children's book about a lift (elevator) boy who travels in the lift on adventures around the world. It is also a homage to Abel Tasman. (We're a Dutch/Aussie family).

Many many thanks to anyone able to help us out!

Susan and Rolof

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Re: New and novice Careel 22ers needing help

Postby byrdsworth » Fri Dec 15, 2017 7:57 am

Hi and welcome aboard ..

I don't have a 22 but I'm sure someone will help out soon ... Max ?

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Re: New and novice Careel 22ers needing help

Postby maxm » Fri Dec 15, 2017 2:23 pm

Hi Abeltje and welcome! What number is your C22?

If you've got the mast up then I guess you've deciphered the standing rigging and it's only the running rigging (halyards, etc) that you need to sort out. Is that right?

The running rigging usually isn't too complicated - jib sheets go through fairleads to the winches. It's a masthead rig so the jib halyard comes out of the forard side top of the mast. The other end should come out of a pulley at the very bottom of the mast and then possibly through blocks back to the cockpit to cleats. The jib will probably attach to the forestay with hanks.

The main may have a bolt rope to feed into the mast slot or may have slugs to slide in there. Main halyard is similar to the jib halyard except on the aft side of course. Some mains are loose footed on the boom and some are not (again, a bolt rope along the boom). The outhaul blocks should be pretty much inside the boom with the end coming out of the end of the boom and the other end of it coming out some way along the bottom of the boom. The mainsheet and its blocks will attach to a fitting on the boom and either onto your traveller (if you have one) or else a fitting set in the floor of the cockpit. Finally, the vang is just a couple of blocks and rope that attach onto the boom and go to the foot of the mast.

You may (or may not) also have a spinnaker halyard that comes out near the top of the mast and a topping lift that comes out roughly half way up the mast. Ignore those. You won't want to mess with spinnakers at this stage.

I think that might cover it. It's not as complicated as it sounds although there's always lots of variations between boats depending on what previous owners have done. Plus, if your ropes are long enough, you can leave a lot of this stuff in place even when you drop the mast and pack the boat away.

Hope that helps but please do ask if any of this is still a mystery or doesn't gel with your boat.
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