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Hello Fellow Sailors

Postby Halley71 » Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:57 am

Hi Everyone,

I'm a Careel 22 (CC65) owner who sails out of Blairgowrie/Sorrento Victoria and have had my boat since 2009. Before that, I had a Laser 2 for 20 years, but moved to NZ and decided to leave it in NZ. Life lesson, never try to ship any type of boat to NZ or back, as no matter how little it is worth, it caused quite a few customs issues! I mostly cruise with my family and I like to try to teach my two young daughters (8 & 10yo) the sailing basics. I have chipped away at improving my Careel over the years to make it more efficient to sail single handed and I've upgraded quite a few things. She's been an awesome asset to my family (Josephine.....Joey)

I'm thinking about moving to a slightly bigger boat and I'd be keen to hear if anyone is in the market for a great boat. I'll post some photo's and further details later on. Happy to discuss if anyone is keen.


Ramon Hall
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