New to careel forum. Long time careeler.

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New to careel forum. Long time careeler.

Postby hamishp » Sat Jan 28, 2017 7:46 am

My family and I have owned a careel for 40 years.
First up was C18 number 32 in the late 70s. Chi.
Next was C22 number 77 from early 80s until today. Chi II.
In the 70s and 80s we extensively raced and cruised with the club on Pittwater and Myall Lakes.
Amazing times with trailer sailers in their hey day and CCYA invitation races would have hundreds of trailer sailers of many varieties.

Since CCYA racing on Pittwater ceased we have been racing with Pittwater Aquatic Club.

Circumstances have us reviewing what we do with Chi II. My current thinking is to move her onto a mooring in Sydney Harbour and race with Manly Yacht Club. I am nervous about having her permanently in the water but it does look like the best option for us - the alternative being to sell her and buy a different vessel.
If anyone has any tips for me preparing Chi II to sit on a mooring (like do I need special osmosis protection, is a boat bag a good idea, leave it with keel up or down) it would be appreciated.

Hopefully I can sort things so I can keep her. Would break my heart to sell up.


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Re: New to careel forum. Long time careeler.

Postby mjames » Sat Jan 28, 2017 3:23 pm

Sad to hear that you guys are no longer racing with the PAC. The PAC yard seems to be slowly releasing its grip on C22s.There was 7 or 8 there two years ago. Our families were fairly close at one stage.. We had c18 number 200 Katrina and c22 number 81 Cyn. Chi and Katrina always raced did chi 2 and cyn. I will let my dad know (Alan James). I was actually going through a cuboard this morning looking for something a came across some old careel cruise photos which mum had passed on. Was thinking of actually posting a few..
Both careels were sold years ago, but in 2004 I bought a mooring minder 18 number 194 Aeolian. restored and raced her until 2011. After that I got a NS 27 Turning Point, bigger and more stable for the kids.
Just recently started twilight with the woody point yacht club... good mixed fleet about 50-60 boats . A C22 would do quite well I think. that's always an option. I also will still race with the pac.
I don't really know to much about preparing a 22 for life on a mooring. but I'm sure she could handle it.. as with all boats on moorings. the more you move and use it the better. do you have some where to keep and store the trailer, that way you could pull her out more regularly. The horns on the keels are a thought, but I'm sure there's people on this forum who would know first hand. I restored my 18 which had spent 5-10 on the water.. she looked brand new and still had the original gel coat. careels are very tough well built boats..
good luck with what ever decision you make.. I'm sure its not an easy one given that's shes been part of the family for sooo long.
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Re: New to careel forum. Long time careeler.

Postby maxm » Sat Jan 28, 2017 9:13 pm

Hi Hamish and welcome to the forum! (There's no welcome necessary to Careels... I reckon you guys have been around since forever).

I feel your pain re the mooring minder vs selling conundrum. I'm in a similar spot - I've got a parking spot for my C22 at the moment but am on notice that it'll probably disappear in coming months. Then the only good options are a mooring (I really don't want to do this) or sell (I don't want to do this either).

Anyway, as far as preparing the boat - IIRC Mark Sheaves' C22 Ethel May had been on a mooring when he got her. The only thing I can remember Mark saying about that is (i) make sure to antifoul up inside the keel case and (ii) make sure to raise the keel when the boat is not in use. That'll hopefully help stop barnacle growth which could interfere with the keel being raised and lowered. The antifoul would have to go right up the case and above the shelf under the hydraulic ram. Preferably ON the ram as well.
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