Looking for Adventure!

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Looking for Adventure!

Postby Postal » Wed May 04, 2016 3:28 pm

Hi Careelers, my name is Jared and I am living on the Gold Coast.

I don't have a boat currently, I've not owned a sail boat since I was a child. However for years I have dreamed about sailing Moreton, Hervey Bay, the Keppels and the Whitsundays! It looks like the time for getting something is now however so am in the process of looking for a C22L.
At this stage it would be me and my wife sailing and I feel that this size boat would provide us something to grow into and some degree of comfort (for her at least).
I have done a little crewing in the past 2 years so if anyone needs crew up on Moreton or of a C22 for sale, please let me know.


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Re: Looking for Adventure!

Postby Camel » Mon May 09, 2016 8:43 pm

I have a 22, Shame I'm not near you as I need a crew, I'm near Port Macquarie so if your down this way can always use a crew, if I come up Qld way will let you know as expecting to go In winter.

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