New member saying hi with a long rambling question

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New member saying hi with a long rambling question

Postby Boataddict » Sat Jul 18, 2015 6:07 pm

G'day everyone, thanks for letting me in! My name is martin, living in canberra, currently looking for a trailer sailer to waste lots of time and money on. I have been boating for years in many forms, sailing mostly dinghies, beach cats and crewing on an Elliot 7 and a magic 25. I like the speed of these but want a bit more comfort than a stripped out racer.

I'm a regular stalker over on TSP forum and found lots of positive references to you guys, and I've been pumping this site for info over the last few weeks too so thought I'd say g'day.

I have found an interesting old C18 in a paddock near canberra that I went to see today. The owner is happy to sell it quite cheap and I thought I'd see what you good folk reckon...

The serial number is not legible on the plate but appears to say 13something maybe 135 or 138 perhaps. Owner doesn't know and hasn't moved it in years. Trailer is shot and hasn't got brakes. Tyres and wheels are gone with rust and perish. Suspension and axle rusted. Hull ok but has a poorly applied patch about the size of an A4 paper sheet about 4feet from the transom about 6 inches below the water line. Keel has spots of rot especially where it rests on rollers. Has old outboard that I am told runs. If I bought it I'd need to tilt tray it home and spend some time and money getting it roadworthy.
Rigging is new and looks good. Sails are ok. Main and jib only. Top sides want polishing and timber work needs lots of love. Keel is rusted but moves ok and keel lift/lock down are in good nick.

In short, if one was brave/foolhardy enough to tow it to a boat ramp you could sail but I see a lot of work... Do you guys reckon a C18 is worth reviving and if so are any of these faults enough to say "don't bother at any price"?
Sorry for the lengthy first post.

Cheers, martin.

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Re: New member saying hi with a long rambling question

Postby maxm » Sat Jul 18, 2015 7:42 pm

Hi Martin and welcome to the gang.

Several people here have completely refurbished old C18s so it definitely is do-able. I've no idea how much a project like that would cost but I think the main investment is time and work rather than money, assuming of course you have the skills and facilities to do most of the work yourself. When Don comes by this thread I'm sure he can add some sage advice as he's refurbished a few now.

For the trailer, if the main beams are sound then it's easily refurbished. Parts are readily available and are mostly interchangeable. I've done a lot of work on mine and I think you'd easily be looking upwards of $500 by the time you replace axle, springs, wheels, roller, add brakes. But it doesn't require any special tools or skills aside from some big spanners and some supports.

Keep us posted. And ask lots of questions! You'll even get mostly sensible answers out of us... as long as we don't get side tracked.... :wink:
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Re: New member saying hi with a long rambling question

Postby don47 » Sat Jul 18, 2015 9:09 pm

Happy to be of what assistance I can Martin. Give me a call if you wish. Don 0402 223133

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