New Careel 18 #257 owner

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New Careel 18 #257 owner

Postby BabyBear257 » Thu Apr 23, 2015 9:47 pm

Hi all,
I have just picked up my first trailer sailer, I'm excited.
As the subject says, and why Ive registered here, its a Careel 18, #257 according to the sail number (no Id in the cockpit locker though), but in talking with David Rose about his records, looking at the trailer age (Redco 1976), and evinrude 6hp 1976 it all appears to line up...

As for where I am and my sailing background, I've always lived in Hobart and I'm similar in age to the boat and I didnt have any experience in sailing until I started crewing on a Nacra 5.2 cat about 8 years ago. I then bought a Hobie 18 with a mate, then next season a Nacra 5.8 which we raced for a few years till it became hard with family/domestic commitments. I was keen to learn more myself, I always crewed, so I bought a laser which tought me a lot very quickly...but I found it was selfish sailing as I couldn't easily take my young kids out with me. I then bought a sabot to restore with my two boys which we have used a couple of times and I'm looking forward to seeing them sailing together in it alone. I also found a Windrush 14 locally which has been excellent as I can drag it across the road on beach rollers where we live and take my boys and neighbours' kids out for a run around the bay and have a blast on my own at the end of the day before packing it up.

Having unpacked the stuff in the boat, which my wife has named Baby Bear... and thrown out some old bits and pieces, I have a couple of questions already :
1) outboards - the old outboard is getting tired and and I was looking at a 4 - 6hp four stroke, this size so it has an in built fuel tank and up to 6 hp as they seem to be the same weight regardless between 4 and 6hp. What is the experience of others in motors and the optimal size of motor for this craft? I understand it needs to be long shaft, am I wrong?
2) traveller car - I have dragged out sails and sheets ( I didn't get the owner to rig it up and take me out in it), it looks straight forward enough but I can't work out how to setup the traveller. I'm used to having the end of the main sheet run through the centre of the traveller with a cleat and tie off to the beam on the cats. I have a spare rope that looks the right size to setup on the traveller car which is in the railing and some how work around the saddles on each end of the rail?

My plans over winter are so far, which I'd appreciate any further comments on:
- improve keel rollers to ease launch and retrieve, I'm thinking two wide treated pine boards each side of rollers at an angle with nylon strips screwed to it, this should stop keel dropping onto trailer.
- replace original 10" integral bearing wheels with 13" wheels, it's been suggested raising the Redco fibreglass guards to allow for this.
- install sliding hatch kit which David Rose can provide, and replace timber storm boards with smoked Perspex ( and windows too)
- remove existing carpet and renew, same for cushions
- make up a boom tent for extra sleeping area while on an ovenighter, but as I've yet to sail it I'm not sure how wet the cockpit gets at rest...may need a camp stretcher too.

I'll try and post some photos once I've rigged her up, for now it's in the driveway.

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Re: New Careel 18 #257 owner

Postby Mark III Amigo » Fri Apr 24, 2015 7:45 pm

I would go a 6HP if going 4 stroke, long leg and sail prop. The 4 stroke single cylinder are very ecomomical and quieter (than a 2stroke) but do vibrate more than a 2 stroke.

Search traveler on this forum should give you some ideas. Every careel is different, post some photo and you will get more advise.


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Postby byrdsworth » Fri Apr 24, 2015 9:41 pm

Tohastu have a 4 stroke 6 hp sail pro motor ... with extra long leg and high thrust prop.
And charging coil ... would be worth a look .
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Re: New Careel 18 #257 owner

Postby don47 » Sun Apr 26, 2015 1:20 pm

Hi Baby Bear,
Good to see another 18 down Hobart way & sounds like you've got yourself a nice little project through the cooler/colder mths, enjoy.
(I've just started refurbishing another mk1 myself).

If you look in the SOLD section of the net you'll notice a boat called 'Aeolian" C18/196, that fairly recently resold in Hobart I believe.
I'm not sure where its new home is exactly but, if you read that matter & are able to contact the seller (sure he wouldn't mind) well you might be able to also visit the new owner plus see that boat in the flesh to assist you with thoughts & ideas. Aeolian was well known to us in NSW before being purchased & taken to TAS.

There are a few of us who are keen to put together a trip to Tas in the next year or two, so maybe our paths will cross then if not sooner.

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Re: New Careel 18 #257 owner

Postby BabyBear257 » Wed Apr 29, 2015 6:41 pm

Thanks for the replies all.

Here is a photo of my traveler, I was thinking of just tying a line from the traveler to one end of rail, back to other then back to cleat. If I keep the vang tight I doubt I need much of a mechanical advantage to adjust the traveler? ... q.jpg.html

Yesterday I was disappointed to find half of the keel horn was missing, once I lifted the table, see photo link. I think the keel is 20mm plate. ... i.jpg.html
I've talked with a welding shop who can weld on two stainless plates which I suggested needed to be 50x50x5mm plate, does anyone know the original dimensions of the two plates?
I'll lift the keel out over the weekend with the help of straps and a working bee, I've studied the post about keel removal which has been really helpful. I've exposed the pivot pin and can knock it out, I was going to mark the centerline of the pin vertical and horizontal for putting back in and start to scrap out any ply that is at end of life and rebuild.

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