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New Careel Owners

Postby KenK » Thu Jan 15, 2015 12:07 pm

Hi all,
Introducing Ken and Heather, the new guardians of Starlight Express C22/111.
We are based in (North West) Sydney, the plan is to mostly be sailing in Pittwater/Hawkesbury, Sydney Harbour and the occasional visit to Lake Macquarie.
I thought that when I moved to Sydney in 1995, sailing would be high on my agenda but it has taken almost 10 years to make it happen. A bit of research on this forum, some internet searching, a little boat shopping and here we are!
I am originally from Melbourne, where I had 15 years of Sailboard racing, followed by about 5 years racing Laser, 125 dinghy and Hobie 18. Heather is new to sailing but is learning quickly.
We have already taken Starlight Express out on a couple of shakedown runs to "know the ropes" and first impressions are a sturdy and forgiving sailboat.
A tell-tale "thunk" on the trailer before the last launch attempt saw the end of what appeared to be the original keel horn. Thanks to the postings of Wanton's keel refurbishment and advice on this forum, Starlight Express now has a shiny new stainless steel keel horn fitted. (I have a well-equipped tool-shed).
This weekend we are planning an overnighter to test the Fridge.
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Re: New Careel Owners

Postby leeweir » Wed May 13, 2015 8:45 pm

G'day ken and heather, thought I'd post as we seem to be the only ones with no replies, I"m wondering if we are a bit left out being 22ers not 18ers. I am very happy with my 22, being used to larger yachts I am very pleased and she has the advantages of swing keel, necessary where I am. She is just lovely to sail, not like a little boat, but am still new to owning and at a bit in awe of what I've done! Regards, Lee
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Re: New Careel Owners

Postby maxm » Thu May 14, 2015 9:07 am

G'day guys and welcome to the site. Sorry, looks like I missed your earlier postings but better late than never. And yes, there aren't as many C22 owners as the are C18 but we try to make enough noise to make up for it. :wink:

So now you've had your 22s for a while, what do you love? What would you like to change? (There's always something)
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