Hawkesbury River / camp & Crusie

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Hawkesbury River / camp & Crusie

Postby WACM » Fri Mar 26, 2010 10:42 pm

Hi all,

Can anyone help me with a camp / cruise location on the Hawkesbury River?
Ideally it would be no more than -
1/2 hour cruise from Mooney Mooney Bridge.
Able to camp on shore and back a Careel up to shore.
Boat access only if possible, but not mandatory.


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Postby maxm » Sat Mar 27, 2010 8:11 am


As raved about in another post in the Cruising section - Jerusalem Bay.

Best launching spot is Parsley Bay at Brooklyn (good ramp, free parking, shops, toilets). It's probably closer to an hour's sail from the Mooney Mooney bridge but once you get there, the Cottage Point marina is not too far away. I think the yacht club at Cottage Point next to the marina allows visitors to use their marina but I've never tried. Worth calling them to find out. Also if you're feeling fit there is also a track from the end of Jerusalem Bay, up the mountain to Cowan. You can certainly back up to the nice sandy beach at the end of the Bay or use the public moorings provided. Swim (but watch out for the MANY rays that come in with the tide), investigate the old hut that's there, bushwalk or just generally loll about relaxing.

Only problem is, I'm not sure if camping ashore is permitted... you'd need to check with NPWS.
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Postby rod_hawkes » Fri Apr 16, 2010 2:19 pm

Hi there... we did a 5 day cruise all around the lower Hawkesbury a couple of years back... it was great, especially being able to circle back to Brooklyn every few days and use the showers there! :)

There were lots of great spots and the Waterways maps were a great help. Many of these are further from Mooney Mooney than you want but:
- The Basin, down on Pitwatter was impressive, and had NPWS camping ground as well as clean beach that you can pull right into;

- Patonga was good too, we pulled up the board and putted into the creek. Had to wade ashore but that was OK. Camping ground there too. You need to watch the power lines though and keep hard to the south side of the creek on the way in.

- Agree with other post about Jerusalem Bay, and the one opposite it, America Bay where there are moring bouys

- not far downriver from Brooklyn there is a beach (Gunyah Beach?) on the south of the main river that is also easy to pull into and has evidence of camping, though not a formal NPWS site

- further upstream, we have also stayed at Flat Rock on Berowra Creek, just pulled up and put tent ashore... but it is a little exposed. A better site there is Joe Craft's Bay... on the east shore there is even an old pipe on a creek/waterfall setup to make a shower. And you can get up into this, and other creeks, when the tide is up... we have been a long way in and found many delightful sand holes.

We put in at Brooklyn which worked well.

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Postby WACM » Sat Apr 17, 2010 10:53 am

Thanks for the ideas gents.
Looks like a few great places
Joe Craft's Bay looks inviting.
Not really into the structured camp area.

Many thanks

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Postby Lindsey » Sun Apr 18, 2010 7:00 pm

Hi Wayne, If you are looking at Joe Craft's Bay, go further up Berowra Creek , opposite Berowra Point, there is a nice beach in Marramarra National Park, you can camp there with tents (2-3 days max), boat access only (we went there a few years ago for a cruise). It is a nice spot plus you can motor over to Bar Island for a look around, also if you then want some luxury there is Peats Bite restaurant further up towards main Hawkesbury (accessible only by water & I think only open weekends)
Calabash Bay is also nice in Berowra Creek, not too far from boat ramp- 15 mins motor? -you can get off boat right at end at low tide, but better just anchor & enjoy the serenity!
If you are going to explore Hawkesbury a good invetment is "Crusing Guide to the Hawkesbury River" J & J Powell, available most boat shops, $30 ish, geared more to larger boats but lots of good info

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Postby waratah » Fri Jan 07, 2011 8:11 pm

Hi Wayne,
I just came upon your earlier post, ( love the Hawkesbury River too), and am going to purchase
Cruising Guide to the Hawkesbury River, Cowan, Broken Bay and Pittwater ISBN 0975099116
John & Jocelyn Powell, 3rd edition, Deerubbin Press 2004.

Please note 3rd Ed promo: "This very popular guide to the waterways has been completely revised to take account of the many changes made to facilities, navigation marks, fishing regulations, etc. Up-to-date and easy to read maps. New material has been added to the environmental and historical sections and additional minor creeks are described. There is also a fresh set of striking full colour plates. 'This book has become the Bible for all users of the river'." Soft cover, B5, vi + 168 pages, many illustrations, maps, index.
$25.00 Inc. GST
Hope to get C18/411 wet soon!
Regards, Julia 'Kapa-Laya' under renovation [still . . . ?) :oops: [/url]
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