careel 18 issues

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careel 18 issues

Postby Ken B » Tue Mar 05, 2019 12:47 pm

Hi all,long time TSP member new to this site,
I have just purchased C18 387, took it out yesterday for a shake down sail,
not a lot of wind, however it sailed well and I came home impressed with my recent purchase,
however could use some advice on some minor issues I had,
1] is there a locking device to keep the boom rolling, the issue I had was that to hoist the main from furled was to hold the boom back while hoisting to prevent the spring loaded boom from locking which was not practical [the issue in reverse to lower and furl] I feel there is something I have missed as it just don't seem right.
2] would anyone happen to have a careel diagram of the outhaul system. On my C18 the outhaul seems normal, the outhaul runs through the boom, exits about 2/3 along from the bottom of the boom then cleated. However the cleat being on the underside means with no or light wind on the sail it continually uncleats itself. This is an easy fix but it would be good to Know the original set up before drilling more holes in the boom to correct this issue.
any info appreciated
thanks Ken

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