Careel 18 - couple of Qs

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Careel 18 - couple of Qs

Postby fair winds » Mon Dec 07, 2015 5:12 pm

We took "Linda Lass" out for the first time over the week end - very happy with her although I have a few of questions about rigging etc and we still have a lot to learn:

* We got the mast and jib up OK, although the shorter side stays seemed quite loose. Any advice about how tight they should be compared to the long side stays?
* I connected the wire coming from the top of the mast to the end of the boom as the topping lift and connected the rope halyard to the main - assume I got this right and not back to front?
* I could not lower the topping lift past a certain point and I could not pull the mainsail all the way up - seemed like a halyard jam as opposed to the main getting caught in the mast track. Appreciate any advice on how to address this.
* I connected the jib halyard directly to a cleat on the mast - not sure how to fit an adjustment system so I can adjust the jib luff tension on the water.
* The 6hp outboard worked well, although I found the steering a bit vague at times (I had the keel down). Is it best to have the rudder fully up when using the motor, or should I lock the motor and steer with the rudder?
* From what I have seen of the keel, it appears to be a thick plate of very rusty steel. I am not sure if this is the norm for a Mark III (cable, not hydraulic lift).


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Re: Careel 18 - couple of Qs

Postby Mark III Amigo » Mon Dec 07, 2015 9:50 pm

Sounds like you have the topping lift and main halyard the wrong way around.

Rudder down and motor fixed usually adequate for steering except if you want to do quick turns. You can link the tiller to the motor for better steerage.

Rusty centreboard are a careel norm. The Mark 3s have a very large cast iron plate 186 kg. would be a big job to get out, but if very rusted, probably the best thing to do, get cleaned up and apply suitable coating. Before its gets really stuck.

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