Hull Yellow Stain Removal

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Hull Yellow Stain Removal

Postby Gray Matter » Sat Apr 18, 2015 9:44 am

Hello fellow Careelers, as asked for by a couple of 18 owners I have attached a link to a very simple solution to removing the ugly yellow staining you often get on boats. This is more prevalent on hulls after spending time in brackish water around estuary's and lakes. The product was called Quick Clean as in this short video but is now called Hull & Waterline Cleaner. I used this every day when detailing boats and know it will assist you enormously if you get this staining on your vessel. It is not acid and therefore will not be dangerous to use or damage your gelcoat as acid does.

Any careel owner who ever wants to buy Dulon products in Australia, just email me direct and I will arrange a special Careel discount of 20%.


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