Handy checklists for preparation, launching and other instructions

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Handy checklists for preparation, launching and other instructions

Postby maxm » Sat Aug 29, 2020 6:44 pm

These pdfs were sent to us by long-time Careeler and friend Dirk Visman who has agreed to make them publicly available in the hope they can help others. I gather some are old articles from the Careel News newsletter or other sources and others are lists that Dirk has put together over the years based on his own experiences. Whichever the case, they're very good to have. Of course, your boat will undoubtedly be different to Dirk's but even then, these serve as a good starting point.

Careel Safety Checklist - This is an old equipment list for racing. It is probably not relevant any longer for racing (check the Sailing Instructions instead). But it is still a handy reference.
Careel Cruising Checklist
Careel Launching Instructions
Careel Man Overboard Procedures
Careel Assessment

I will eventually put these up on the "Other Information" page from the main site but that'll mean some reorganising which could take some time while I work out how best to do it. Meanwhile, they're available to you here.
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