Keeping C22 on a mooring

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Keeping C22 on a mooring

Postby DimitriT » Mon Dec 17, 2018 9:03 pm


I'm thinking of moving my C22 to a mooring. Having looked at the forums, I know a number of people are doing this although while others think that it's a terrible idea.

Can anyone who's keeping their Careel on a mooring provide any feedback - do you have any major problems?

One technical issue that arises is that I would need to install an automatic bilge pump. Again, there seem to be different views about how to do this. I understand that the C22 has a bildge under the foor but mine seems to be completely sealed / inaccessible.

Should I just keep it like that? Or is it better to install an access window to the bilge so you see monitor what's there? And where should the pump inlet go - inside the bilge or at the lowest point of the hull (which I think is just behind the companion way)?


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