Rudder for sale - SOLD

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Rudder for sale - SOLD

Postby jamesw » Sat Feb 18, 2012 10:20 am

Works as nicely as the Castle rudder, made originally for a Bull 7000 sportsboat.

Measures 1400mm (blade only) long, 275mm wide at top down to 115mm at tip. 52mm thick in stock and 48mm thick in thickest part of blade.

Made of carbon on foam, weighs about 6.5kgs.

Stock comes with it but I'd recommend fabricating something better out of stainless square tube (like my excellent Yachtworks stock). Stock worked fine at the last Nats, set up so it's nicely balanced.

I'll add a Ronstan telescopic BattleStick but you'll need to buy a universal joint (app $15) because the last one broke and the others I have are probably too old and unreliable.


Distance between pintles is 10" (26cm) - not really changeable since the s/s straps are epoxy'd in.

Can deliver around the Central Coast.

0403 079 718
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