18/416 for Sale in Vic

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18/416 for Sale in Vic

Postby IanBlencowe » Fri Dec 17, 2010 11:38 am

Received this note from owner

Hello Ian,
Sad news I’m afraid, but a wonderful opportunity for someone.
You may recall I bought Careel 416 a while back.
Despite my best endeavours I have not been able to sail her, being in central Victoria and the pressures/time taken up with work etc.
In fact, I have taken her out just once in 12 months – for less than one hour; and sailed her just four other times since purchase. We did enjoy a wonderful week on the Gippsland Lakes – Sale to Paynesville and back.
She is still in the excellent condition that I bought her and I have had the engine fully serviced ($700), so all is tip top. I paid $12,000. I think she is worth all of that.
If you have any buyers waiting for such a fine yacht you might be able to put us in touch, just as you did for me.
Someone should get the pleasure of sailing her, as I can’t!

Kind regards

Don Story
0429 936 876

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