The Careel 18 and Careel 22 are built to compete as well as cruise. Both yachts have enjoyed considerable success in mixed fleets but the main competition focus is class based within the Association.



In NSW racing has taken place in the Sydney region and races were held every month throughout the year on Sundays. We have had separate fleets racing on Pittwater and Botany Bay.

Yachts accumulated points on both scratch and handicap which meant everyone had a chance of winning.

Both yachts were governed by class rules and measurements which keeps down costs and equalizes performance.



  After a very successful event at Lake Macquarie in February this year we are again working to offer a third attempt in the same place. With some room for improvement we have put together both of our Vice Commodores to work on the best solutions yet for the event.

It is important for members seeking accommodation, to pay booking fees with required anticipation. Contact Lindsey O'hagan for information on this respect.

Please see the "Program" link from the home page for the full schedule which includes competition, social cruising, breakfast, dinner, etc.


Pittwater racing with the Pittwater Aquatic Club (PAC).

Our participation so far hasn't increased as expected. Our new Vice Commodore South Kim Russell is the man to contact for careelers wanting to do occasional racing.

The Racing Rules of Sailing for 2014-2015

Respective Vice-Commodores will advise the Committee of any changes/customising to be done to the rules for our competitons.

ISAF Racing Rules ( 2013 - 2016)