Please Note

This programme of events for 2014 - 2015 is updated regularly with latest changes as required. Last update: 12/06/2014

It is based around the greater Sydney region. For other regions please check the forums. We currently have a very active fleet based in the greater Brisbane area and also a number of members based around the Melbourne/Gippsland Lakes areas.

We hope you will enjoy our Program, it is for you and your family.

Winter to Summer 2014/2015 Programme
31 Aug Social: Careel Walk, Coogee to Bondi
03 Sep Committee Meeting: Drummoyne Sailing Club (DSC)
07 Sep Race: Pittwater Aquatic Club ( PAC)
13-14 Sep Cruise: The Basin, Pittwater
01 Oct Committee Meeting: DSC
04-06 Oct Cruise: Brisbane Waters
05 Oct Race: PAC
01-02 Nov Cruise: Hunter River
02 Nov Race: PAC
05 Nov Committee Meeting: DSC
13-22 Nov Cruise: Whitsundays Catamaran Cruise
03 Dec Committee Meeting: DSC
07 Dec Race: PAC
08 Dec Social: Christmas Picnic (location to be announced)
13-14 Dec Cruise: Sydney Harbour - in conjunction with:
14 Dec Social: Christmas Picnic, Sydney Harbour
27 Dec-04 Jan Cruise: New Year's, Myall Lakes
Mid Jan Other: Manning Marathon (date to be announced)
24-26 Jan Cruise: Australia Day, Lake Macquarie
01 Feb Race: PAC
04 Feb Committee Meeting: DSC
21-22 Feb Other: Heaven Can Wait, Lake Macquarie
27 Feb - 01 Mar Race and Social: Careel Muster and National Championships, Lake Macquarie

Autumn 2015 Programme
01 Mar Race: PAC
04 Mar Committee Meeting: DSC
07-09 Mar Other: Marlay Point Overnight Yacht Race
21-22 Mar Cruise: Cowan Creek
01 Apr Committee Meeting: DSC
03-06 Apr Easter Cruise: Lake Conjola
05 Apr Race: PAC
25-26 Apr Cruise: Woronora River
02-03 May Other: Bay To Bay race, Qld.
03 May Race: PAC
16-17 May Cruise: Middle Harbour
20 May AGM: Drummoyne Sailing Club

Winter 2015 Programme
03 Jun Committee Meeting: DSC, Annual Planner
07 Jun Race: PAC
06-08 Jun Other: Keepit Cool Regatta
05 Jul Race: PAC
02 Aug Race: PAC
30 Aug Social: Annual Walk, T.B.A.